Cleaning Processes Conducted After Painting And Recarpeting

Painting and recarpeting will improve the aesthetics of your living space considerably. With two upgrades taking place, you may ultimately discover that you need to have a professional cleaning process conducted after the renovation project is complete.

The Processes

A contractor who performs paint jobs and recarpeting jobs will be carrying many tools and materials in and out of your home. If any sanding processes will be conducted during the upgrades, fine particulates could wind up on the flooring. It is important to consult with your contractor about the type of upheaval that your home will be in during the upgrades.

A contractor will use plastic sheeting, tarps, and other barrier materials to protect interior surfaces. In spite of this, a spill or dust could warrant a professional carpet cleaning process at the end of the project.

The Carpet Analysis

Your furnishings and other personal possessions will be removed while you have a renovation completed in an interior room. Naturally, you will want to quickly replace the original items once the room is clean and ready for use.

Your contractor will perform an analysis after the modifications have been made. The contractor can tackle cleaning the carpet in the room that has been upgraded. They can also handle the cleaning of carpeting that you already own. For instance, if any type of debris or liquid spill affects older carpeting in another part of your home, this could be a direct result of the upheaval that took place when the remodeling project was underway.

An analysis of any carpets that became dirty during a remodeling project will determine the cleaning agent that is needed to restore the cleanliness and appearance of each floor covering.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

A steam cleaner or a dry carpet cleaning process may be used to freshen up floor coverings. A steam cleaner uses hot water to penetrate carpet fibers. A detergent product is used to loosen stubborn stains. A dry carpet cleaning process can be performed with the use of a specialized dry carpet cleaning machine. It can also be performed manually.

If carpets did not become heavily soiled, the contractor will target the area of the floor covering that was compromised.

If a steam cleaning process is going to be conducted, the carpet will require ample time to dry. After the carpet fibers have dried, you can place the furnishings and other possessions back in the room. 

Contact a local carpet cleaner to learn more.