How To Get A Professional Finish When Painting A Room

If you look at a room that has been painted by a professional, you'll usually notice that the finish is quite amazing. It will look smooth, sleek, and flawless. Maybe you are wondering whether you can get this same level of finish with a DIY interior paint job. The short answer is that you can as long as you follow the tips and advice below.

Fill any holes before you start.

Don't make the mistake of assuming your primer or paint will fill any little divots in the walls. They might, but they will not do so as nicely as joint compound would. Take the time to fill the holes with joint compound and smooth off the finish nicely. Make sure the joint compound dries completely before you prime the walls, too.

Use a good primer.

Sometimes homeowners assume that because primer is hidden under the paint, it does not really matter which primer they use. But in reality, the primer you choose plays a huge role in determining what your wall looks like once finished. Buy the highest-quality primer you can afford. When you apply it to your walls, do so with as much precision and care as you would use when applying the final coat of paint. If the primer is smooth, your paint will go on smoothly, too.

Cut in using a brush.

Before you start painting the bulk of your walls, paint the edges. Use a brush to do this part of the project, which is known as "cutting in." There are angled brushes made specifically for this purpose. Take your time, and aim to paint the outside two or three inches of the walls. This way, when you later roll the walls, you won't have to worry about getting in the corners, which is where things sometimes get messy.

Apply two thinner coats.

If you apply one thick coat of paint, you may get drips in some areas. There may also be some areas where the paint starts bubbling and cracking because it is too thick. Applying two thinner coats of paint will result in a much better, more even appearance. Let the paint dry completely between coats; leave it for a whole day, if possible.

If you follow the tips above, you should get much better results when following the tips above. In fact, your home's walls might look like a professional painted them. For more information on residential interior painting, contact a professional near you.