Use Gloss Paint In These Areas Of Your Home

When you choose paint for the walls of your home, regardless of your color preferences, you'll commonly select an eggshell finish. This muted look works well on virtually every wall in your residence, from your primary bedroom to your living room. There are other paint finishes that can work well in other areas, however. One popular finish is gloss. While you wouldn't likely want gloss paint on the walls, it can offer a shiny, stylish look elsewhere. Talk to your interior painting professional about where you want gloss paint. Here are three popular areas for paint with this finish.


Gloss paint is a popular choice for all sorts of trim throughout your home. Paint with this finish works well on the trim around your doors and windows, for example, as well as the baseboards that run throughout your residence. If you have crown molding in rooms such as your dining room, you might wish to use gloss paint on this trim, too. If you have trim part way up the wall in your dining room — commonly known as a chair rail to protect the walls — this trim can also look stylish with gloss paint.


A lot of people also like the look of gloss paint on the interior doors throughout their homes. Using eggshell paint on the doors can look too similar to the walls, which may not allow the doors to stand out in the way that you want. Gloss paint can give them a visually appealing shine, particularly in areas that are brightly lit due to large windows or bright light fixtures. If you decide to have your painting contractor paint some of the doors in a bright color, they'll especially be stylish when you choose glossy paint instead of eggshell paint.

Railings And Balusters

Some people elect to paint the railings and balusters along the staircases in their homes. This can particularly be a good idea if these structures are made of wood and you like the idea of them being painted rather than stained. Gloss paint can also be a good choice for railings and balusters, as well as the large posts that are situated at the bottom and top of the staircase. You can choose a similar color to the adjacent walls, albeit in a gloss finish, or find a complementary shade to give the railings and balusters more visual appeal.

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