Make These Decisions If You Want An Unfinished Painted Wall

If you're hiring a painting contractor to paint a room in your home and you want the space to have a funky feel, a brightly colored accent wall may be something that you're leaning toward. While it's conventional to have the entire wall appear in one color, there are other options that you can consider. One idea is what is commonly known as an unfinished wall — which looks exactly as it sounds. This essentially means that the contractor paints half the wall and leaves it that way, which will make it a stylish and unique focal point in rooms such as a gaming room or a child's bedroom. Here are some decisions to make if you want an unfinished wall.

Percentage To Be Painted

One of the first things to think about is what percentage of the wall you want to be painted in the bright color. A lot of people favor having the split about 50/50 — in other words, 50 percent of the wall will have a bright color of paint, and the other 50 percent will have a plain color. There's no universally "right" way to approach this idea, so it can be fun to discuss different styles with your painter. A 50/50 split provides visual balance, but you may find that a breakdown such as 60/40 can also look stylish.

Vertical Vs. Horizontal

You'll also need to decide whether you want the line that divides the painted and unpainted sections to be vertical or horizontal. In other words, you can have the painter paint the left side of the wall or the right side of the wall. Or, they can paint the top of the wall or the bottom of the wall. On a long wall, a horizontal split can work well visually. On a short wall, consider a vertical split.

Edge Characteristics

It's also important to think of how you want the edge of the unpainted section to look. Some people will want the edge to be fairly clean, while others may want it to have jagged roller marks that really accentuate the unfinished look. It's useful to think about how you'll decorate the room once the paint is dry. If you favor bold furniture and pieces of decor, you may find that more of a jagged edge on the unpainted section looks better.

Contact a painting contractor to discuss your ideas for an unfinished wall design. For more information about residential interior painting, contact a local company, like Diamond Painting.