Three Reasons To Paint Your Home's Wood Siding

If you have a home that is covered in wood siding, the idea of painting it yourself would likely seem very daunting. This can be a good time to find a local painting contractor who specializes in exterior work. They can assess your project, give you a quote, and you can then discuss a timeframe in which they'll be able to get this painting project done. Your contractor has the experience and equipment to work safely several feet off the ground, and you'll be able to go about your business and eventually have a house with a fresh, new look. Here are three reasons to paint your home's wood siding.

Protection Against Moisture

Over time, whatever coating you have on your home's wood siding can break down, which means that the wood is vulnerable to moisture. For example, if the home was built several years ago and has stained wood siding, the stain will eventually weaken to the point that rain may be able to soak into the wood. This can cause areas of rot, which would likely require you to hire someone to replace some or all of the siding. Having a painter paint the siding creates a protective layer over the wood that will keep moisture at bay and maintain the siding's structural integrity.

Change In Appearance

Painting your home's wood siding, rather than replacing it, will give your home a new appearance that you'll find more stylish. It's possible that you've moved into a home that you like in general, but have never been very fond of the look of the siding. While replacing it could give you a preferable look, this is also a labor-intensive and time-consuming process — which means that it will be costly for you. Painting the wood siding of your home can completely transform its appearance, giving the residence the exact look that you want at less of a cost than replacing the siding.

Easier Upkeep

You might also think about hiring a professional to paint your wood siding so that the upkeep tasks you perform are easier. If your siding is a light color, you might need to pressure wash the siding multiple times a year to remove dirt and other debris that affects the look of the residence. Switching to a darker color means that dirt won't be nearly as visible, which may allow you to clean the siding less frequently. Contact an exterior house painting contractor to get a price quote.