Selling Your Home? 5 Paint Tips To Boost Kitchen Appeal

When selling your home, the kitchen has a big impact on potential buyers. A great kitchen can tip the scales to sell the house fast and easily. However, a bad kitchen can turn them off. As you prepare to put your home on the market, what can you do with a can of paint to make your kitchen look appealing to its next owner? Here are five important tips. 

1. Use Neutrals. White, gray, beige, and other neutrals are timeless choices for kitchen colors. They may not be the most exciting palette, but they tend to make the place look clean, airy, and flexible for adaptation by the new owners. White is a popular neutral for kitchens.

2. Tone It Down. The more you have personalized and customized the decor and palette in your kitchen over time, the more you may want to tone it down. The goal of sellers is to help potential buyers see themselves in the space — their tastes, their colors, their furniture, and their family — rather than you in it. Reducing personalization helps others visualize their life in your kitchen. 

3. Mix Up Cabinetry. Does the idea of a single neutral, such as white, going on all the walls and cabinets feel boring? If so, you can mix it up a little using the base and upper cabinets. Keep the upper cabinets a pale neutral to help them look farther away and airier. Then, feel free to paint the base (or, lower) cabinets a different soft hue for variety. 

4. Add Some Near-Neutrals. You don't have to use one single neutral shade for the whole kitchen. While you may want to avoid bright or bold colors like red or yellow, muted shades can work as a sort of near-neutral color. Which hues work well in this manner? Warm grays, greige, muted greens, and muted blues add character or highlight architectural details without drawing too much attention. 

5. Look Beyond the Kitchen. The kitchen shouldn't exist in isolation. How does it work with surrounding rooms? The best color scheme is one that helps the house's public areas, in particular, to blend well with each other — especially in open floor plan houses. You don't need to use the exact same shades in each room, but a simple palette with limited colors and various hues of these elevates the house's style. 

Where to Start

Ready to transform your kitchen into a selling point for future buyers? Begin by meeting with a residential painting service in your area today. With their expertise and these tips, the kitchen will soon be busy helping you get top dollar for your property. For more information, contact a company like Arnold Painting Service LLC.