Cabinet Painting Solutions: Choose Fresh Paint Colors To Give Your Kitchen A Summery Feel

Nothing can make a kitchen appear dull and dreary like outdated or boring cabinets. However, replacing kitchen cabinets is not always an affordable option for many people and can lead to a major and time-consuming remodeling project. Having your cabinets painted is one way to get a new look without all the disruption and expense a major overhaul will take.

Refreshing shades of green 

One of the most refreshing colors in interior design in 2022 has been light and refreshing shades of green. Imagine the transformation that will take place in your kitchen when you have your cabinets painted in a minty shade of green. Mint green cabinets will look elegant when paired with gray or white walls and will bring a light and airy appearance to your kitchen any season of the year. 

Mellow shades of yellow

You will be hard pressed to find a color as summery as yellow for painting your kitchen cabinets. Look for mellow shades of yellow, such as buttery yellow, and avoid bold lemon or mustard yellow that will overwhelm your kitchen rather than give it an airy look. Light yellow plays well with other colors, so it will match nearly any wall color or countertop design you pair it with.

Blissful blues

A perfect match for light yellow or white walls, blissful shades of blue for cabinets will bring a sense of soothing tranquility to your kitchen while at the same time adding freshness and eye appeal. Choose muted shades of sky blue or pastel blues for best results to create a kitchen that is light and airy with a summery look.

Light and peachy pinks

If you enjoy unexpected surprises, choose peachy shades of pink for your kitchen cabinets, and wait for the compliments when visitors arrive. Sweet and subtle, peachy pinks are soft and easy on the eye and make summer decorating a breeze. A perfect match for off-white walls, peachy pink cabinets will transform the look of your kitchen into one that's reminiscent of fresh flowers, sunny skies, and the bliss of summer afternoon.

Having your kitchen cabinets painted will make a dramatic difference and breathe new life into a dull and boring kitchen. With all the light and airy colors to choose from, you are sure to find one that is right for your kitchen and decorating style. Selecting a cheerful and refreshing color will give your kitchen a summery look all year long.

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