Selling Your Home? Why Paint The Outside Of Your House?

When you put your home on the market, curb appeal matters. It can even mean the difference between someone putting an offer on your home and someone who is not interested in the end. An exterior painter can transform your home into a beautiful property you can be proud of and buyers will be clamoring to buy.

if you're selling your home, put some money into exterior painting. The investment is well worth it; here's why:

Your home value goes up

The return on investment or ROI when you have an exterior painter paint your home is impressive: you can get up to 55% of your investment back when you paint the outside of your home. This means your home value goes up instantly when you have the outside painted, and your home has a fresher, newer appeal.

Note: for even more home value and an even greater ROI, paint the interior of your home as well. Your exterior painter may also be able to paint the inside of your home.

Your home looks newer and more modern

A quick facelift may be all your home needs to make it a quick mover on the market. It's wise to go with a neutral color when painting your home so buyers are not swayed by the color choice in either direction, but are more moved by the way the fresh coat of paint makes your home look. If you have exterior features you want to use to play with colors, such as any shutters or the main entry door, let your exterior painter know. They can show you paint samples you can work with to make your home really stand out in positive ways.

Your home is more protected

Paint does more than just make your home's exterior look good, it helps protect the siding from weather damage and moisture as well. If you have siding that is cracked or fading, or the wood cladding under the paint is starting to show, it's wise to have your exterior painter remove loose paint flakes and paint over your siding for added appeal and protection for the future.

Any home renovation you do can help make your home easier to sell, but painting your home can be among the best of them. Your costs will go into paint and labor, so costs vary depending on the size of your home and where you live. Your exterior painter will give you a good faith estimate before they begin and will stick to as close to this figure as they can as they complete your exterior painting project.