Five Signs That You Need To Paint Your Office

Interior paint can really refresh the look of your office. The following are five signs that you should repaint sooner rather than later.

1. Faded Color

Paint will fade over time. It may happen more quickly in some areas, such as those where sunlight hits the wall through a nearby window or in areas that need to be washed more frequently because it is a high-touch surface. When fading occurs evenly over an entire wall surface, it may not seem so bad. Unfortunately, fading is rarely even so the actual result looks worn and dingy. Repainting faded walls provides an instant facelift to any office.

2. Damage

Scratches, gouges, and small holes or chips in the wall aren't attractive, but they are a common occurrence in a busy office. Although the damage can be touched up, eventually there will be so many touchups that the wall looks patchy — in part because touchup paint may not completely blend with faded wall paint. Patching the damage and applying a fresh coat of paint will look much better. 

3. Stubborn Stains

Some walls are high-touch surfaces, particularly those near doorways or behind the seats in a waiting area. Fingerprints and skin oils, along with other types of stains, can build up on the walls over time. Frequent cleaning may not remove all the stains, or it may lead to an abraded surface that clings to dirt even more readily. Not only will stained walls look bad, but they can also harbor bacteria and be unsanitary. Repainting with a stain-resistant semi-gloss paint, particularly one with antimicrobial properties, can prevent stain issues in the future.

4. Bubbling Finish

Moisture can get beneath paint and cause it to bubble up and peel away. If you notice this type of damage, you need to address it right away. Sometimes the cause is a leak that needs repairing, but often the problem is humidity in the air. Your painters will determine the cause of the moisture and may be able to replace any moisture damaged drywall. They will then apply moisture-resistant latex paint to help prevent dampness from damaging the walls in the future.

5. Outdated Color

Sometimes the paint is in good condition but the color is outdated. It may be better suited to a decade past or it just may not match up with the current branding colors of your company. Regardless of the reason, fresh paint is an inexpensive and quick way to give the office a facelift.

Contact a commercial painting service if you are ready to give your office a facelift.