Have Damaged Plastered Walls With Exposed Layers Of Paint In Your Commercial Space? What To Do Now

If you own a commercial property and the paint on the walls looks awful, and there are areas with damaged plaster and other layers of paint exposed, it may be time to fix the space. You want to fix the interior of the property to maintain the value and keep it looking clean, new and fresh. Here are the things you want to do to make sure the job is done right.

Proper Removal of Old Paint

 Several layers and dimensions of paint can sometimes be difficult to paint over and repair. If you want to have the multiple layers of paint removed, you want to have the professionals take the layers off and get down to the drywall. This can be difficult, and it may require you to replace some of the plaster or the drywall.

Also, if the commercial building was built in the middle of the 20th century, there could be asbestos, lead and other problems in the paint and plaster. Make sure to have a company come in and do the removal properly.

Get New Drywall

Placing new drywall is the next thing that needs to be completed. You want the professionals to hang new drywall and pick the finish or texture that you want. That way there is a new clean surface for the new paint that you want to have, and you don't have to worry about toxic and harmful chemicals being in the air.

Hire Painters

Hiring professional painters to get the paint work done efficiently and flawlessly is best. The commercial painters can quickly use high quality paint to enhance the new drywall, giving it a great look and making it a stain resistant surface.

Get quotes from different commercial painting companies to see how much it will cost to get a high quality paint put on, and consider doing the ceiling at the same time. New white paint on the ceiling will enhance the look of the property fast, making it seem brighter and cleaner.

It's worth the money to pay for the highest quality paint that is stain resistant and easy to clean, so you aren't always trying to touch up the walls after you try to wipe off a blemish or if someone makes a mark. Call the professionals from a company like Blue Star Painting Company and get the quotes you need, and then make the investment to improve your commercial space and to update it at the same time.