4 Things To Know About Line Striping For Your Business Parking Lot

If you own a business with a parking lot, you should consider having the lines restriped this year. The lines in your lot deteriorate over the years due to the impact of oil, salt, gasoline, and water on the lines. Having your lot cleaned and the lines painted each year will help make your outdoor space look attractive and appealing to customers.

#1 Why Line Striping Is Worth It

It is worth it to spend money on line striping each year. When you stripe the lines, you make it easier to see each individual parking stall. This will make your parking lot more functional, and it will also help your outdoor space look clean and new -- both features that will help attract customers to your store.

#2 What Type of Paint Is Used

When the lines are painted, a water-based latex paint is used to create the lines in your parking lot. This paint is durable and made to last. It is also really bright, so it should stand out during the day and at night as well. Any paint applied should be approved by the Department of Transportation.

#3 The Painting Company Will Prepare Your Parking Lot

When you pay for striping, you are paying for more than just getting the lines painted -- you are paying for your entire lot to get cleaned. They will clean the entire space, spraying it down to get rid of all the dirt. When they are done, not only will the lines be repainted but your space will be clean as well.

#4 Disruption to Your Business Is Minimal

When you have your parking lot cleaned and painted, you can work together with the contractor to ensure that disruption to your business is as minimal as possible. One way to do this is to schedule the cleaning and painting so that it takes place outside of business hours.

The crew can quickly clean your lot. When it comes to applying the paint, you don't have to wait long for it to dry -- the paint is designed to dry quickly. The paint generally dries within half an hour, so once the area has been painted, cars can use the space right away.

Improve the look of your parking lot by getting it cleaned and painted this summer. The disruption to your business can be minimal if you work together with the contractor to have the process take place outside of business hours, or at least outside of the busiest hours. For more information, you can contact companies like Elite Line Striping.