Four Services You Didn't Know Commercial Painters Provided

When you think of commercial painters, you probably think of painters that paint the exteriors of warehouses and office buildings. Yet, commercial painters actually do a whole lot more than that. Here are some of the services provided by commercial painters that you did not know they did, and which may surprise you.

1. Anti-Graffiti Services

This is probably one set of services that you find surprising. Here you have a painting company that is removing paint. In the grand scheme of things, it sort of makes sense. The painters are removing a paint job that the customer does not want and replacing it with a paint job the customer does want. In addition to removing paint, the painters can also apply an anti-graffiti coating to the building so that future attempts at graffiti will not stick.

2. Fluid-Applied Roofs

A fluid-applied roof is a painted-on coating that prevents leaks. It is most often used for flat roofs, because flat roofs lack the ability to drain off water effectively. If you have a flat roof on your business, you can hire a commercial painter to coat the flat roof and keep the roof and your building safe and dry.

3. Electrostatic Painting

Polarized charges applied to the object being painted and the paint that exits a spray nozzle fall under commercial painting too. This is a quick and easy way to get a very even coat of paint on anything metal. If you want to paint the flag pole in front of your building, you would call the commercial painter and request in-situ electrostatic painting for the pole. The painter brings the necessary equipment to the site of your flagpole and paints the pole in about thirty minutes to an hour, depending on weather conditions and the height of the pole.

4. Power Trowel Concrete Finishing

Wait- would not a concrete contractor do this? Yes, that is true, but commercial painters offer this service too because it smooths and shines concrete, thereby altering the coloration and texture of the concrete. Power troweling also works faster and easier than many of the techniques and approaches offered by concrete contractors. So, while you have options for this kind of job, you may want the commercial painter and power trowel to do it.

5. If It Is a Surface, They Can Paint It, Coat It, Buff It, and Strip It

Commercial painters can use all manner of instruments and chemicals to alter surfaces. That said, when you are looking for a contractor that does any of the above (and more), hire the painter. He/she can recommend the services needed and explain what he/she will be doing before he/she does it.

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