Tips For Creating Perfect Interior Paint Lines

Painting the interior walls in your home is a great remodel because the work is simple and affordable. However, have you ever been to friend's home and noticed a sloppy paint job with wavy lines, bleeds, and sloppy edges? It is usually the lines and edges that are most noticeable on an interior paint job. Painting the edges is also the hardest part of the job. About 99% of the walls can be easily painted with large rollers. But, to make the job look truly professional, you need to finish the lines like a pro. Here are the easiest ways to create perfect lines on your interior.

Along Baseboard Without Caulk Lines

When it comes to painting along baseboard, you need to utilize the natural line of the baseboard, and the caulk. If you baseboard is not yet caulked, this can be used to your advantage. The best approach is to just tape off the baseboard and paint along the edge. Then, when all the painting is complete, you can apply caulk over the edge. The caulk line will be your visible line, instead of the paint.

Along Baseboard With Caulk Lines

When it comes to taping off along baseboard that already has caulk lines, your approach should be slightly different. The key is to apply the tape straight onto the caulk. The caulk is smooth, so painter's tape will stick very well to it. However, you should push down the tape very firmly. In order to reach deep into the corner, you can use a hand towel. This enables you to push down the tape firmly without rubbing your finger raw.

Along the Corners and Ceilings

Luckily, when painting along ceilings, you have a little bit of leeway. Since the lines will be further away, small mistakes will not be as visible. Professionals will often use a freehand technique to paint corners. They don't use any tape or masking. You should only try this if you have some painting experience, and you have practiced on your walls. If you have highly textured walls, this approach might be necessary because painter's tape won't work well enough. If you have low texture walls, most traditional painter's tapes will get the job done. Once again, make sure you firmly press down the tape so it creates a strong seal against the wall.

Don't skimp when it comes to painting your edges. It is the best way to create clean, consistent lines. For professional help, consider contacting a service like Mississauga Handyman.