The Easiest Way To Paint Moldings

Painting is definitely the most popular DIY home remodel because it is affordable and easy to do. However, there are a few tricky parts of painting interior walls. For instance, painting baseboard and other molding is definitely more technical than painting drywall. It is also very important because your paint job looks sloppy if the lines in your baseboard or crown molding are wavy. Here are the best tools and techniques for painting hardwood molding.

You will probably paint the majority of your drywall with rollers, but you will just need to use brushes to paint the molding. The most convenient way to paint molding is to do it before it is installed. However, since this is usually not possible when you are just repainting your interior walls, this article will focus on how to paint molding that is already installed.

Taping Off

Perhaps the most important part of this entire process is taping off your molding. The trick is to apply your tape in the perfect spot. The job is easier if your molding is already cocked. Basically, you want to apply the tape line directly on top of the caulk. This is part of the wall, so the tape stick very well to it. You might need to clean your molding and call before painting it because any dust event tape sticking well.

You can also create clean lines if your molding has not been caulked yet and you are willing to apply some after it is painted. If this is the case, just apply the tape as close to the molding as possible, sticking it directly on the drywall. Then, once the molding is painted, you can apply the caulk line in this vital seam.

Painting the Molding

The trick to actually painting the hardwood surface is to use a brand new paint brush, keep it clean throughout the entire job and apply the paint sparingly. That is, don't slop it on too thick or else you will leave behind visible brushstrokes. You'll get better results if you put on thin coats, but apply two or three. Remember to clean your brush out thoroughly whenever you take long breaks from painting so the bristles don't dry up and get crusty.

With cleaner, brighter molding, your walls will look crisper and nice. Molding may seem like a small part of your walls, but it will have a huge impact on the style of your interior.

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