3 Tips To Speeding Up The Painting Clean-Up

So, you're tired of looking at the dingy, bland walls in your home. A quick coat of paint will quickly rejuvenate that space affordably. Unfortunately, the work that goes into applying the paint isn't the end of your painting project. Cleaning up after the paint is on the walls can take quite a while if you don't plan for the clean-up efforts before popping the first lid off the paint can. Here, you will learn some tips to help you reduce the time it takes you to clean up after the last brush of paint is applied.

Get Out the Tape

Seriously – get the masking tape out! So many people want to skip one of the most important steps of painting. You really do need to tape off the trim, outlets and other things that you don't want to get paint on. It may seem like a time consuming step in the process while you're doing it, but the time you would spend cleaning the paint off of those things while you're painting will add up substantially and you'll get a better finished look with the tape. Spend a little extra on the quality painter's tape – it will go on more smoothly and come off cleaner without leaving sticky residue behind.

Protect the Roller Tray

Washing the paint out of a roller tray is a pain, but if you line it with aluminum foil, you will be able to get it clean in seconds. Simply press the aluminum foil into the tray securely making sure that the ridges in the pan still catch the paint as you roll back and forth over them.

Save the Roller

Stop! Don't put the roller in water hoping to get it clean between coats of paint! Instead, get a Pringles chip can, wrap the roller in plastic wrap and slide it into the can. Put the lid on and store it in your refrigerator. When it's time for the next coat of paint, all you'll have to do is open and unwrap the roller and it's ready to go. No waiting for it to dry or getting all of that paint out from under your nails – just unwrap and roll!

You can do the same with your brushes. Wrap them up with plastic wrap, place them in a shoe box and store them in your refrigerator. When you're ready to paint, they'll be ready for you.

Even with all of these preventative steps, painting is slightly time consuming and a lot of work. If you don't have the time to dedicate to getting the job done right, you always have the option to call in painting contractors and have it done for you!